Unisa IT Diploma Information

The purpose of this qualification is to enable qualifying students to analyse, design, develop and maintain web systems, networks, database systems, programming products and interfaces according to client requirements, applying principled methodologies in continuously changing industrial, organisational and commercial information and communication technology environments. More Course Details

This will depend on whether you are studying full time or part time, and how much knowledge you have of computers: 
  • Full-time students can complete the programme in three years.  The diploma cannot be completed in under three years.
  • Part-time students should take four years to complete it. 
  • Part-time students with no knowledge of computers should take five years.
Unisa IT Diploma Admission Requirements

Refer to Part 7 of the Calendar for admission requirements.
The curriculum comprises 30 modules. Refer to Part 2 of the Calendar for the pre- , co-requisites and syllabus information.

This level comprises the following 10 compulsory modules. (*Offered as year modules in 2010.)
  • EUP1501:             End-user computing (practical)*
  • COS111U:            Introduction to programming 1
  • ICT1512:               Introduction to interactive programming
  • ICT1513:               Introduction to web design
  • ICT1521:               Introduction to databases
  • ICT1531:               Workstation technical skills
  • ICT1532:               Network technical skills
  • ICT1541:               Business informatics I
  • ENN1504:            Practicing workplace English
  • BSM1501:            Business management I
This level comprises the following 10 compulsory modules:
  • FAC1502:             Accounting concepts, principles and procedures
  • ICT2611:               Graphical user interface programming
  • ICT2612:               Interactive programming
  • ICT2613:               Internet programming
  • ICT2621:               Structured systems analysis and design
  • ICT2622:               Object-oriented analysis
  • ICT2631:               Operating systems practice
  • ICT2632:               Digital logic
  • ICT2641:               Business Informatics 2A
  • ICT2642:               Business Informatics 2B
This level comprises the following 10 compulsory modules:
  • ICT3611:               Advanced graphical user interface programming
  • ICT3612:               Advanced internet programming
  • ICT3713:               Information and communication technology project proposal
  • ICT3714:               Information and communication technology project implementation
  • ICT3722:               Database practice
  • ICT3621:               Database design
  • ICT3631:               Advanced operating systems practice
  • ICT3641:               Business informatics 3A
  • ICT3642:               Business informatics 3B
  • INF308J:               Software project management
You can use the tables below to help you plan your studies over three, four or five years.  (In 2010 most of the 1st and 2nd year level modules are offered as semester modules and as from 2011 all the modules offered in the NDINL will be offered as semester modules, unless otherwise specified).  These tables are for demonstration purposes only, your specific circumstances may differ and your academic plan may look different, but you must keep in mind the pre- and co-requisites when you plan your studies as specified in Part 2 and 7 of the calendar.

Over 3 years of study:

Year Semester 1 Semester 2
1 EUP1501 ICT1512

COS111U ICT1521

ICT1513 ICT1532

ICT1531 ICT1541

BSM1501 ENN1504

2 FAC1502 ICT2613

ICT2611 ICT2622

ICT2612 ICT2631

ICT2621 ICT2632

ICT2641 ICT2642

3 ICT3611 ICT3714

ICT3612 ICT3621

ICT3713 ICT3631

ICT3722 ICT3642

ICT3641 INF308J
Over 4 years of study:

Year Semester 1 Semester 2
1 EUP1501 ICT1512

COS111U ICT1521

ICT1513 ICT1532



2 ICT1541 ICT2612

BSM1501 ICT2613

FAC1502 ICT2621

ICT2611 ICT2641

3 ICT2622 ICT2632

ICT2631 ICT3612

ICT2642 ICT3722

ICT3611 ICT3621

4 ICT3713 ICT3714

INF3708 ICT3642


Over 5 years of study:

Year Semester 1 Semester 2
1 EUP1501 ICT1531

COS111U ICT1512

ICT1513 FAC1502


2 ICT1521 ICT2641

ICT1532 ICT2611

BSM1501 ICT2612


3 ICT2613 ICT2622

ICT2621 ICT2642

ICT2631 ICT3611

4 ICT2632 ICT3612

ICT3621 ICT3631

ICT3722 ICT3641

5 ICT3713 ICT3714



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8. Ready yourself for studies

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