are you...
  • concerned about the environmental damage and degradation occuring world wide?
  • interested in knowing more about the natural and the cultural environments?
  • a committed environmentalist keen to acquire knowledge of the natural and human environments?
  • a professional person requiring knowledge of environmental law, environmental politics, environmental economics, environmental ethics and integrated environmental management (IEM)?
  • working in a field where you need to know more about environmental evaluation and
    impact assessment?
if your answer is "yes" to any of the above...
you should enrol for this new and exciting three-year degree which specilisation in Environmental Management, consisting of the following choices:
An information brochure on the programme is available. Send your postal adress to Mrs de Jager  at the Department of Geography, University of South Africa, UNISA, 0003, and she will send you the brochure by post. You can contact her by telephone (011)  471-3111 fax (012) 471-3216 or e-mail djageae@unisa.ac.za.
what can you do with this qualification?Because environmental management is by definition an interdisciplinary field, the modules constituting the programmes are selected from a wide range of supporting disciplines and knowledge fields.  The aim of this programme is to enable students to find employment in the field of environmental management by providing them with appropriate knowledge and competencies.
Knowledge of:
  • environmental  economics
  • environmental law
  • environmental  politics
  • environmental  administration
  • environmental evaluation and impact assessment
  • cultural resources
  • natural resources
  • heritage management
Competency in:
  • data collection, analysis, representation and interpretation
  • map use
  • computer use
  • statistical  techniques
  • airphoto interpretation
  • satellite image interpretation
  • GIS (geographical information systems)
  • environmental  education
  • environmental  management
  • project  management
On completing this programme, you will be able to identify and solve problems and make responsible decisions with regard to various environmental issues in keeping with the principle of sustainability
Postgraduate studies
After you have completed this program, you may continue your studies by obtaining an Honours degree in Geography since Geography is the only major in this programme. After obtaining a Geography Honours degree you can do a Masters degree in Geography, and finish your studies off with a doctorate in Geography.
The department of Geography do not offer any post graduate qualification that specialises only in Environmental Management.

Study at unisa

Written enquiries regarding registration and requests for registration forms and the Unisa
Calendar should be directed to:
The Registrar (Academic)
University of South Africa,
PO Box 392
UNISA 0003