Unisa Registration

Unisa Registration Process Made Easy

If your application to Unisa was successful, you will have received a registration pack that you will use during your registration process. Use the pre-populated form and the course information for the qualification for which you applied to complete your registration. Registration can be done via the web, post or in person at a self-help terminal at one of the regional offices or campuses. Note: This phase must be completed otherwise you will not be eligible to write exams or receive any credits for work done in the year.
There are eight steps to a successful registration. Each part of the process is important in completing your registration successfully. We have therefore included information that is important for you to know at each stage.
Note: If you use the electronic channels (web or self-help terminals at the regional centres) to complete and submit your registration, you will be prompted when information is missing or incorrect. This will assist you in ensuring that you include all important details and upload all necessary documents when submitting your registration.
If you choose to register by post, at the South African Post Office or by fax, the responsibility for the accuracy and inclusion of your information rests with you. We therefore urge you to register as soon as registration opens if you will be registering via one of these channels, as missing or incorrect information may cause delays in the approval of your registration.