ECS1501 - Economics 1a

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 5
Credits - 12
Purpose: To gain insight into how the basic economic problem is solved in different economic systems, how economic activity is measured and how prices are determined through decisions made by individual households and firms under conditions of perfect and imperfect competition.

ECS1601 - Economics 1b

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 6
Credits - 12
Pre-Requisite: ECS1501/ECS101
Purpose: To gain insight into macroeconomic theory and variables such as total production and income of a country, economic growth, unemployment, inflation and the balance of payments.

FAC1502 - Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 5
Credits - 12
Purpose: To introduce students to the fundamental concepts and principles of accounting; the collecting and processing of accounting data of an enterprise; the accounting treatment and disclosure of non-current assets and current assets, non-current liabilities and current liabilities, sole enterprises, non-profit organisations and the recording of transactions from incomplete records. 

FAC1601 - Financial Accounting Reporting

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 6
Credits - 12
Pre-Requisite: FAC1502 or FAC1M1X AND FAC1M2X
Purpose: To introduce students to underlying accounting transactions and the accounting treatment and disclosure of partnerships, close corporations, the equity of companies, cash flow statements, branch accounts, the analysis and interpretation of financial statements as well as the time value of money.

INM1013 - Introduction to The Economic and Management Environment 1a

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 5
Credits - 0
Purpose: Study management; career planning; the economic problem; the economic system of South Africa; the role of business management; accounting and accounting aids

INM1024 - Introduction to The Economic and Management Environment 1b

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 5
Credits - 0
Purpose: Quantitative decision making; industrial and organisational psychology; communication; organisational culture

MNB1501 - Business Management 1a

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 5
Credits - 12
Purpose: To enable students to gain knowledge and insight into related aspects of business management such as the business world and business management; entrepreneurship; general management. This subject also deals with the role of sales in the marketing mix, the task of the salesperson, the purchasing process, methods to increase professionalism in sales, particular problems in the selling of consumer and industrial goods and services, sales office administration and negotiation skills

MNB1601 - Business Management 1b

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 6
Credits - 12
Pre-Requisite: MNB1501
Purpose: To enable students to gain knowledge and insight into related aspects of business management such as marketing management; financial management; operations management; purchasing and supply chain management; human resource management; contemporary management challenges.

ADL2601 - Administrative Law

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 6
Credits - 12
Purpose: To gain knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies to analyse and critically evaluate legal material (in the light of the right to just administrative action) to formulate legal arguments and to apply their knowledge to practical problems that may arise due to requirements for valid and fair administrative action.

AFK1501 - Afrikaans Today (Literature)

Duration: Semester module
NQF Level - 5
Credits - 12
Purpose: To improve students' understanding of Afrikaans literature by studying a collection of present day texts comprising different genres and oeuvres. Topical questions and the focus of the Afrikaans text on everyday issues form the core of this module. Students are introduced to reading, interpretation and life skills. The module consists of five optional units, of which students may choose any two. (a) Text and reader: an introduction to the literary communication process. (b) Topical texts 1) Afrikaans in Africa (c) Topical texts 2) Men come from Mars, women from Venus. (d) Youth literature. (e) Dutch texts for South Africa. 
ECS1501 - Economics 1a
ECS1601 - Economics 1b
FAC1502 - Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts And Procedures
FAC1601 - Financial Accounting ReportingPre: FAC1502
INM1013 - Introduction To The Economic And Management Environment 1a
INM1024 - Introduction To The Economic And Management Environment 1b
MNB1501 - Business Management 1a
MNB1601 - Business Management 1b
Elective modules. Choose 4 modules from group A or other Colleges.
ADL2601 - Administrative Law
AFK1501 - Afrikaans Today (Literature)
AFK1502 - Basic Text Skills
AFK1503 - Contemporary Afrikaans: Language Studies And Written Communication
AFL1502 - African Language And Culture In PracticePre: AFL1503 + AFL1504 or African Language passed at Matriculation Level as your Mother Tongue
AIN1501 - Accounting Information Systems In A Computer Environment
ANH1501 - Near East And Greece
ANH1502 - Roman Ancient History
APC1501 - Political Evolution Of The African State
APC1502 - The Politics Of Contemporary Africa
APY1501 - The Anthropological Study Of Culture In A Multicultural Context
APY1601 - Culture As Human Resource In The African Context
ARB1501 - Elementary Arabic
ARH1501 - Visual Literacy
ARH1502 - Introduction To Art History
BLG1501 - Basic Biology
CLA1501 - Commercial Law 1a
CLA1502 - Commercial Law 1b
CML1501 - Communication Law
CMY1501 - Introduction To Criminology: Crime, Offenders And Criminal Behaviour
CMY1502 - Introduction To Crminology: Victims And Reduction Of Crime
COM1501 - Fundamentals Of Communication
COM1502 - Communication Contexts And Applications
COS1501 - Theoretical Computer Science 1
COS1511 - Introduction To Programming 1
COS1512 - Introduction To Programming 2
COS1521 - Computer Systems: Fundamental Concepts
DSC1520 - Quantitative Modelling I
DSC1630 - Introductory Financial MathematicsPre: NSC MATHS with a rating of 4 or MAT1510 or MAT0511 with 75%
DVA1501 - Introduction To Development Studies
DVA1601 - Development Problems And Institutions
EED101F - English Language Studies (English For Education 101))
EED102G - Ways Of Knowing: Fiction, Poetry And Drama
ENN101D - English Studies: Approaching Literature And Writing
ENN102E - English Studies: Explorations In Reading And Meaning
ENN103F - English For Academic Purposes
ENN1504 - Practising Workplace English
EUP1501 - End-User Computing (Practical)
FRC1501 - French Language And Culture: Beginners
FRC1502 - French Language And Culture: Lower Intermediate
GED101T - Human Development And Education
GED102U - Teaching And Learning 1
GEM1501 - German Language And Culture For Beginners I
GEM1502 - German Language And Culture: Intermediate II
GGH1501 - Know Your World: Introduction To Geography
GGH1502 - World Issues: A Geographical Perspective
HSY1501 - Precolonial South Africa
HSY1502 - The Making Of Early Colonial South Africa: Transformation And Resistance
ICS1501 - An Introduction To Islam
ILW1501 - Introduction To Law
INF1505 - Introduction To Business Information Systems
INF1511 - Visual Programming 1
INF1520 - Human-Computer Interaction I
INS1501 - Introduction To Information Science
IOP1501 - Psychological Processes In Work Context
IOP1502 - Customer Service In Tourism
IOP1601 - Personality In Work Context
IPC1501 - Fundamentals Of International Politics
IPC1502 - South Africa In International Politics
ITN1501 - Italian: Beginners
MAN1501 - Rumen Hanyu: Introduction To Mandarin Chinese
MAT1503 - Linear Algebra
MAT1613 - Calculus BCo: MAT1512
PHY1501 - Elementary Mechanics
PHY1604 - Modern PhysicsPre: NSC MATHS with a rating of 5 & Physical Science with a rating of 4 or MAT1510 or MAT0511 with 75%
PLC1501 - Politics As Social Activity
PLC1502 - Understanding The State
PLS1501 - Introduction To Western Philosophy
PLS1502 - Introduction To African Philosophy
PTU1501 - Portuguese Language And Culture: Beginners
PTU1502 - Portuguese Language And Culture: Lower Intermediate
PUB1501 - The Nature, Content And Scope Of Public Administration
PUB1601 - The Structuring And Functioning Of Public Services
PVL1501 - Law Of Persons
PYC1501 - Basic Psychology
PYC1502 - Psychology In Society
QMI1500 - Elementary Quantitative Methods
SCL1501 - Skills Course For Law Students
SOC1501 - Introduction To Sociology: Societal Structures And Processes
SOC1502 - Societal Structures And Processes In The South African Context
SPS1501 - Practical Spanish: Beginners
STA1501 - Descriptive Statistics And Probability
STA1502 - Statistical Inference 1Pre: STA1501
STA1510 - Basic Statistics
TRT1501 - Tourism Management Ia
TRT1601 - Tourism Management Ib
Second level
FIN2603 - Finance For Non-Financial Managers
HRM2605 - Human Resource Management For Line Managers
MNM202Y - Marketing Management
Elective modules. Choose 6 modules from Group A or other College
ACN203S - Cost Accounting And Control
AUE202M - Introduction To The Performing Of The Audit Process
CLA2601 - Commercial Law 2a
CLA2602 - Commercial Law 2b
COS2611 - Programming: Data Structures
COS2621 - Computer Organisation
DPA202T - Practical Accounting Data Processing
DVA3701 - Development Theories
DVA3702 - Rural And Urban Development
ECS207G - Development Economics
EED201J - English Language Studies
ENN203J - One Writer'S Vision: Jane Austen
ENN204K - African Encounters
ENN205L - Close Reading, Good Writing
ENN207N - Exploring Shakespeare
FAC2601 - Financial Accounting For Companies
FAC2602 - Selected Accounting Standards And Simple Group Structures
FRC2601 - French Language And Culture: Intermediate
FRC2602 - French For Professional Purposes: Introduction
GED201W - The Adolescent: An Educational Perspective
GED202X - Teaching And Learning 2
GED203Y - Life Crises In Childhood And Adolescence
IOP205U - Environmental Psychology
IOP209Y - Workforce Diversity
IPC2601 - International Organisations
IPC2602 - International Political Dynamics
LLW2601 - Individual Labour Law
LLW2602 - Collective Labour Law
MAN2601 - Shenghuo Hanyo: Living Mandarin Chinese
MAT2613 - Real Analysis
MAT2615 - Calculus In Higher Dimensions
MNC202M - E-Commerce In Business
MND202R - Introduction To Retailing
MND204T - Customer Behaviour
MNM2044 - Industrial Marketing Management
MNX202J - Public Relations
NUD2601 - Nursing Dynamics
PLC2601 - Understanding Political Behaviour And Participation
PLC2602 - Politics And Public Policy
PLS2607 - Philosophy Of Science
PTU2601 - Portuguese Language And Culture: Intermediate Level
PTU2602 - Modern Portuguese Literature And Society
PVL2602 - Law Of Succession
PYC2601 - Personality Theories
PYC2602 - Child And Adolescent Development
PYC2603 - Adulthood And Maturity
PYC2604 - Community Psychology: Re-Imagining Community
PYC2605 - Hiv/Aids Care And Counselling
RSC2601 - Research In Social Sciences
TXN201B - The Taxation Of Individuals
TXN202C - Deceased And Insolvent Estates
TXN203D - Taxation Of Business Income
Third level
MNG301A - Strategic Planning 3a
MNG302B - Strategic Implementation 3b
Choose at least 3 from the following.
HRM3704 - Contemporary Issues In Human Resource Management
INV3703 - Investments: Derivatives
MNH302F - Training And Development
MNM3014 - Relationship Marketing
MNM3025 - Marketing Research
MNM3036 - Product Management
MNM3048 - Promotion Management
Elective modules. Choose 5 modules from Group A or other College
ACN306Y - Management Accounting Techniques As An Aid In Decision-Making
ACN3073 - Financial Planning And Control
ACN3084 - Financial Analysis, Valuations And Restructuring
AUE301P - Aspects Of Internal Control Of Importance To An Auditor
AUE303R - Advanced Theory Of Auditing And The Performing Of The Audit Process
AUI302B - Practice Of Internal Auditing
COM3018 - Marketing Communication
COM3029 - Media Studies: Institutions, Theories And Issues
COM303A - Media Studies: Content, Audiences And Production
COM306D - Communication Research
COM311A - Political And Government Communication And Media Ethics
COM3704 - New Media Technology
COM3708 - Communication Science
DVA2601 - Projects And Programmes As Instruments Of Development
DVA2602 - Community Development And The Basic Needs Approach
DVA3703 - Development Policy And Strategies
DVA3704 - Development Planning
DVA3705 - Empowerment And Popular Initiatives
ECS301D - Monetary Economics
ECS302E - International Trade
ECS303F - International Finance
ECS304G - Public Economics
ECS306J - History Of Economic Thought
ECS307K - Econometric Techniques
FAC3701 - General Financial Reporting
FAC3702 - Distinctive Financial Reporting
GGH301W - State Of The Environment In Southern Africa
GGH302X - Spatial Economic Development
HRM3706 - Performance Management
INF3703 - Databases II
INF3705 - Advanced Systems Development
INF3707 - Database Design And Implementation
INF3708 - Software Project Management
INS3036 - Using Information: The Role Of Information Behaviour
INS3059 - Information And Knowledge Management
IOP301T - Industrial Psychological Testing And Assessment
IOP302U - Personnel Psychology 3a
IOP303V - Career Psychology
IOP304W - Labour Conflict And Negotiations
IOP305X - Organisational Development
IOP306Y - Individual Differences And Work Performance
IOP3073 - Human Capacity Development
IOP3084 - Personnel Psychology 3b
IOP3095 - Work Group Dynamics And Diversity
IOP310U - Performance Development
LIN306C - Learning And Teaching An Additional Language
LIN3702 - Translation And Editing Techniques
MND301T - Retail Merchandising Management
MND303V - Retail Planning
MND3073 - Strategic Retail Marketing
MND3084 - Retail Project
MNE3701 - Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management
MNE3702 - Corporate Entrepreneurship
MNE3703 - Innovation And Technology
MNE3704 - Family Business Management
MNI301J - Global Business Environment
MNP302J - Strategic Sourcing
MNP303K - Supply Chain Alignment
MNP304L - Supplier Relationship Management
MNW301G - Corporate Citizen
PLC3701 - Political Ideas
PLC3702 - Democracy And Other Forms Of Regime
PLC3703 - Political Development And Political Economy
PSC2601 - South African Politics
PSC3701 - Contemporary Issues In Politics: Capita Selecta
PUB301E - Public Management Skills
PUB304H - Reflective Public Administration
PUB305J - Ethics In Public Administratrion And Administrative Justice
PVL3702 - Law Of Contract
PYC3701 - Social Psychology
PYC3702 - Abnormal Behaviour And Mental Health
PYC3703 - Cognition: Thinking, Memory And Problem Solving
PYC3704 - Psychological Research
THL1501 - Introduction To Theory Of Literature
TRL3014 - Transport Management
TRL3025 - Transport Planning And Investment
TRL3036 - Air Transport
TRL3048 - Sea Transport
TRL3059 - Rail Transport
TRL306A - Road Transport
TRL307B - Logistics Activities
TRL308C - Logistics Systems
TRL309D - Logistics Strategy
TRT3018 - Hospitality Management
TRT3029 - Leisure And Business Travel
TRT303A - Tourism Distribution
TRT304B - Air Transport For Tourism
TRT305C - Tourism Governance 
 Bachelor Degrees